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Thursday, November 17, 2005

weird dream

"Haaaave you ever waaaanted? to mash it up....smash it up?"
This was the chorus of a song that this pair of mc's where shoutin out at this MTV like awards show on tv. i'm not sure if this is actually a real song or a figment of my imagination. was a pretty catchy tune tho.
hold up... lemme back it up.
i was on a volleyball team.
the other teams were all musician/celebrity teams, but mine consisted of people from work. we were playing in a highly competitive tournament.
was it volleyball? or dodgeball? it was one of those dreams where real world elements kept mixing in... like my gray corduroy pants. i was wearing a pair in my dreams... and i was in my room. and there were two volleyball players in my living room. they were from another team... ironing their shorts on my coffee table. we were all late for a game... then i changed into another pair of pants,,, they were the same only bigger... and they had some kind of red spray paint stain on them... was that from halloween? but i didn't use any red spray paint for my halloween costume. then we were on our way to the game... i remember sliding down a blue hand rail down some steps. then into the gym where we were supposed to play.
damn, for some reason the details are too hard to recall now... and they don't flow like they usually do.
oh well.
good morning world.


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