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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Reyes twins' baby shower

Mike and Janice had their baby shower this saturday at their house in antioch today. it was really fun. i drove over in the morning to help put together their favors. i had burned a bunch of cd's through the week and then labeled them at their house. learned how to operate a glue gun and pieced all the treats together into the final package, a ribbon wrapped package containing 2 madeline cookies, a bag of tea and the cd of lullabies. burned my fingers a few times. i seem to have trouble staying away from hot things these days. must be losing my heat sensitive nerves or something. anyway, by 2:00 i had completed all 60 of them. there's something therapeutic about repetitive manual labor. probably wouldn't be saying that if I did it day in day out though. i can't imagine that sweatshops are the most zen places in the world. we played a bunch of games and ate a ton of food. everyone was really nice. for some reason, it felt like everyone at the party clicked together which isn't always the case at these parties. i actually met some people and remembered their names through the night. brian and sophia made it out which was nice. soph came out as well with a huge box of diapers. she took home one of the raffle prizes as well.


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