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Thursday, November 10, 2005

up late

been up burning cd's for the baby shower this weekend. mike and janice are giving them out as favors. not really sure how many people will rock out to baby einstein soundtrack. was just looking through some old blogs
looks like i've been doing a good job with doing the things that keep me happy
i posted this list of stuff to keep me happy a little while ago...
1) go fly your kite - done
2) go work out you lazy shit - done a bunch of times
3) get on your motorcycle - done
4) cook something besides ramen or a totino's and feed someone with it - done
5) paint something - not yet
6) make some music - not y et
7) play a video game - done
8) read a book - not yet
9) buy something ridiculously expensive - got a new pair of shoes,,, but not that expensive
10) go figure out what you're going to wear for halloween - done.
7 outta 10 ain't bad.


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