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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Sinigang na baboy

flickrd by sfxian

Had amc over for dinner tonight. cooked sinigang na baboy (sinigang with pork). it's a tamarind based stew with with tenterized baby back pork rib meat, okra, daikon, spinach, long beans, onion and tomatoe. all you gotta do is stick all of it in a pot in the right order and voila! best served over rice with a side dish of fish sauce for taste. it was delicious. i added a little extra vinegar and lemon juice to kick the sour up a bit. yummy. anna mae had a great idea tonight about me having a bistro night. i could invite some people over and cook up a meal for 10 then charge people reasonable dinner prices to cover the cost of the meal. that way i can host dinner parties while not breaking my bank... gonna think about that one. if i do it, i'll call it 'barrio bistro'

i just got into bed and discovered a pee-pee spot that my cat sebastian had left me. damn, and i just did laundry yesterday :(.


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