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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kitchen at range

flickrd by sfxian

took d out to his b-day dinner to range on valencia and 20th. really tasty. we had manila clams and a cheese stuffed pasta for apps, followed by a bluenose bass and a steak for mains. all cooked perfectly. they coulda added a few more oz's on the serving sizes,,, but then again, i didn't leave hungry, so maybe it was just right. we hit the supperclub for a couple nightcaps and to meet up with jenn lim and her haamoni crew. jenn's friend clara and i challenged each other to an iron chef duel. we're going to select a panel of judges and then have them select an ingredient for us to battle over. we'll start the game at 8 am one saturday morning and will serve 3 courses to the judges at 8 pm. judges will pay $25 per head and we'll each get to work with $100 to feed 8 people some small plates. should be fun. can't wait to kick her ass.



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