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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today marks the end

of my smoking days.
my dentist scared me yesterday with a comment about my smoking.

"have you been smoking sweetheart?" she asked.

"yes dr."

"oh, you're a very bad boy".

"yes, i know"

"look, this is what your teeth look like" - she puts the camera into my mouth and gives me an up close look at the back of my tobacco stained teeth... gross. "i can guarantee you that your lungs look 10 times worse than that, and we can't clean them!"

that did it for me.
i'm done.
wish me luck.


  • At 11:16 AM , Blogger ManilaSpice said...

    Congratulations! I've been trying to quit, off and on, the past two years or so. Before festival started, I had gone three weeks without a yosi (smoke), and now I aim to quit when festival's over. I'm partying it up real good (my throat feels like shit) til the 20th, and then no more yosi for me.

    I'm down to be your Quitting Buddy! :-)


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