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Sunday, March 13, 2005

directions in sound

last night's directions in sound party was pretty fun. triple threat dj's. this asian mc called 'kero one'. worked a shift from 9-11 as a 'runner'. not entirely sure what i was supposed to be doing though. so i just smoked a bunch of cigarettes outside and left to get some pizza. got to wear a headset for a few hours and pretend like i was important. met some nice people. had a few drinks... danced around a bit and effed my back up some more. after last call, hit the street to find an after hours plan. ended up grabbing a few tacos with mori, annamae, and the ish. then over to ish's for some late night poker. went head to head with zoller at the end. he took it on a bullshit pocket pair.


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