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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bristol farms

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Chocolate covered everyhing

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At bristol farms

Highend grocery

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Bristol farms based in la. More high end than whole foods! i did find it kid of peculiar that they would decide to have a high end grocer at the basement of a shopping center. i can't imagine who would be doing their regular shopping there. who really wants to cook anything after a day of shopping? even more peculiar is the fact that they have this vast serve yourself deli. who wants to eat deli self-serve in a shopping center where thousands of people walk through daily?

Mall mania

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Westfield shopping center opening weekend

My new favorite store

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uk based reiss. Smart. Hip. London. Urban. Clean lines. Tailored cuts

Filipino cultural center

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was pleasantly surprised to find out there was a filipino cultural center at the westfield mall on opening day. Of course it wasn' t opening until december. Wow. Talk about filipino time.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fully vested!

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burning man tidbits

too many stories to tell. need to put them down before my memory fades.
here's a few tidbits. will add detail later.
lost car keys
bartering longanisa
dancefloor bbqing
lovin in the love-sub
lost back pack
head over heels
rosario dawson
belgian waffle
deep end
12 year old stoner
climbing mandala
bottomless pile
kicked it with
mike and maki
camped with
calvin, kevin, piper, dave, molly, terence, jim, matt, summer, bill, bailey, freya, stephen, kelly, stephanie, shelly, jade, too many more to mention