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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

tasty two

flickrd by sfxian
the 2nd installment of our summer parties went off like gangbusters yesterday.
people really enjoyed the food, the music, the people. oh, and there was dancing! and lots of it! i think b was happy about that, although next time he deserves the prime sunset slot so he can get in on some.
the cotija corn was a hit... and people were just dying for the burgers. a few people got to sample the micheladas too, but after i moved onto the grill/corn station, i didn't have time to set those up. next time, i think we'll print out instructions to drink recipes at the juicer station.
i met a lot of really nice folks, and thoroughly enjoyed hosting them. everyone was grateful for the time and energy we spent in cooking for them.
here's a roster of some of the new friends that i met throughout the day.
misha edward eugene monica walter natalie micole sarah stephanie jeannie christa rafael (dude with the subwoofers that he said he'd let me borrow for our next event) jane alicia bill emily alan jennifer chris nadine desiree johnny (he was a great help with shucking and cutting the corn) ... all in all, i'd say there were close to 100 people there throughout the day.
good times all around


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