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Sunday, July 30, 2006

sf marathon

flickrd by sfxian

cheered on my roomie on guererro between 14th and 15th this morning as he zoomed through the 20th mile of the sf marathon. it's pretty amazing to see that many people all dedicated to this sport. i love how they're all so grateful for the water volunteers... and how receptive they are to cheering. i stood on the corner of market and guerrero for a while, yelling out cheers to runners, 'good job!' 'you're amazing!' 'go runners!' 'you can do it!' 'whoo!' 'water right around the corner!' 'eye of the tiger!'. this last one got a lot of laughs. i wish everyone took encouragement, positivity and congratulations as well as runners did. i wonder what it feels like during a marathon?
i saw 10 year old kid, a man running with no shoes, and this guy, who went by the name of 'coatman'


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