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Sunday, March 12, 2006

my parents 35th anniversary

Celebrated my mom and dad's 35th this past friday with a surprise renewing of their vows out at my brother mike's parish out in antioch. friday morning mike, janice, the kids took my parents out to lunch at around 11. Mike drove around and had them follow him to the church. mom and dad were a bit confused as they parked,, wondering what business Mike had to take care of there. i drove up in my car and surprised them both as they weren't expecting me to take the day off to see them during the day. I gave my dad my car keys and said, 'hey dad, i have a gift for you and mom, can you open my trunk?" They both walked over and when my dad opened the trunk of my beetle, alan jumped out of it with a 'happy anniversary!!'. that was doubly surprising as they had just spoken on the phone with alan earlier and thought he was still in las vegas. then we walked them into the church where the priest gave them a nice renewing of their vows. It was really special and heartwarming. it was great to see the twinkle in their eyes. i could tell my mom really loved it... and they both loved that we all took the time to be with them.


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