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Sunday, December 18, 2005

8 one thousand

there's a pretty ridiculous thunderstorm sweeping through the city right now. lightning flashes striking every minute with an 8-10 second delay... there goes another one. one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, 4-one-thousand, 5-onethousand, 6-onethousand... BOOM! i think it's getting closer.
i was in the shower a few minutes ago and so freaked out that my house didn't have a divining rod. and that if i stayed in the shower, tomorrow morning's paper would read something like "lightning strikes man in shower dead"... so i ended up stepping out before i even washed my face.
now most of you that know me know that i don't scare easy.
but man,,, what would you do?


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