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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Life after Saudi

So I started a group on friendster called Life after Saudi.
I'm in the process of inviting all 250 or so people on friendster who report their hometown as 'saudi arabia' and am asking them to join in a discussion of what we remember life being like while we were there, but more importantly what life is like now that we're not.

Here's the current description of the group. I'm hoping it gets off the ground. Haven't had much experience moderating sort o thing. figure it'll take some time to build up membership and really get the content interesting yet focused enough to really get some stimulating conversations going.

Description: A group for people who grew up in Saudi Arabia to tell the stories of their lives after they left and to create a community out of it. Where in Saudi did you live? What did you do while you were there? Where have you lived since then? What are you doing now? Whether you're an ex-pat or a citizen, we all know that the unique experience of being raised within saudi borders has had an impact in certain facets in our lives today. I'm interested in hearing your theories on what living in saudi has done to your day to day lives outside. I'm also interested in hearing what you think about what's going on there and throughout the region today.


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