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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

this past week

took me a few days to recover from the kadium party on wednesday.
took a couple days rest off of work on thursday and friday to catch up on all the lost sleep from the past month and to decompress from all the stress.

amit brent and i dj'ed at a sin city halloween party last saturday. party was up at upper terrace in an amazing 4 story home owned by shane and kate ginsberg, friends of karina. everyone was dressed up as characters from sin city. met a lot of people there, made a couple friends neil and lilu who live a few blocks away from my place in the mission. they run a web design shop here in the city. gonna try to hang out with them at some point. ended up back at the guerrero house for our weekly poker-followed-by-early-morning-desperation-cocktails session. gotta try to moderate on that tip.
got home just in time for the direct tv guy to come and install the dish and receivers in the house. I slept while he worked away at the installation. i must say, i wish i had gotten this thing ages ago. it makes watching tv a whole nother experience. i have everything that i want to watch saved onto my dvr now. lost, the daily show, family guy, curb your enthusiasm, a bunch of movies from hbo. totally worth the additional $20 per month. amit came over to chill and watch some tivo on sunday night.

wore my costume to work on monday and entered the costume contest. a few people actually recognized me from the movie. made some more work acquaintances that day. Matt and Kathy both from the pogo team upstairs. I went out to the xlr8tr party at the social club that night. avoided the castro crowds altogether. ran into sean fruth there, turns out he sells business properties so introduced him to brent. they're gonna try to work with other to find brent and chris a space. sean introduced me to his friend craig who i'm gonna hit up to show me some places as soon as i get my loan pre-approval wrapped up. we ended up not staying out too late and ended the night eating some bus stop pizza on his stoop and watching some halloween revelers pass by.

I think i'm close to over the party-to-numb-my-feelings stage. think i broke my own personal record for most brain-cells killed in a month. reached a point this weekend where it all felt so pointless. no more need to run away. got to get back to finding my own direction. I seem to be into meeting and reaching out to new people these days. i take that as a good sign.


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