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Sunday, October 23, 2005

a bit better

managed to get my sad ass off the couch and out the door today.
rode around the city. down 280 a bit then back up the coast. then through the park and over to the bridge. stopped at crissy field and took cody out for a flight. cody is the name of my kite. named after the original designer.
man, i love flying that thing.
even got a little retail therapy in at sports basement. picked up a new beanie. now my head will be warm AND in style.
ran into sue and jeff over there. they'd just gotten off a bike ride. jeff has a friend who does bicycle repairs at a pretty good rate. i'm gonna have to get that number from him. been meaning to tune up that cannondale that's been sitting in the basement.

gonna play some more katamari damacy, then soph's having her friend mike over for dinner. miso glazed salmon! yumm


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