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Sunday, October 23, 2005

wallow wallow wallow

I'm not really liking myself right now.
what the hell am i doing with myself?
now that my project's almost over, i don't have anything to focus on besides post-breakup depression. partying doesn't really fill the void like it used to... just makes me feel more shitty. gotta put the pieces back together. waaaah.
it's like i know what kinds of things make me happy, but i have no desire to do any of them. either i'm too lazy or i'm too tired or i just don't really give a fuck. wallow wallow wallow.
turn around.
ok here's a list to work off of
1) go fly your kite
2) go work out you lazy shit
3) get on your motorcycle
4) cook something besides ramen or a totino's and feed someone with it
5) paint something
6) make some music
7) play a video game
8) read a book
9) buy something ridiculously expensive
10) go figure out what you're going to wear for halloween


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