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Monday, October 17, 2005

this past week

i guess i should be thanking my job for giving me so much to occupy my time with over the past week. anything to take my mind off the pain helps.

played my first dodgeball game on thursday. i'm the captain of my team - "the donkeyballers".
one of my employees always says "donkey balls" when he's upset. the word spread through repetition and now it's our name.

a lots been accomplished over the past 2 consecutive 80 hour work weeks. i'm so glad it only gets this crazy once or twice a year. we're actually going to make the launch with a quality product. haven't felt this cocky bout running a project since the UO project a few years ago. better knock on wood.

the hard work has definitely taken it's toll on me though... so had to equilibrate with a few late nights out this weekend.
friday, started at the supper club for drinks, followed by the guerrero house for some poker hijinx followed by my semi-annual pilgrimage to the end up. had a great time, i think. i remember waking up the next afternoon at 4 and asking myself, "christian,,, were you a dickhead to anybody last night?". asked a few friends later, they didn't seem to think so...
saturday, worked a bunch till around 10pm, then headed out to sublounge to hear Amit's friends from boston rock the 2X4's. then D and I bounced into Jenn Lim and her friends over at a place in north beach. magnet bar i think. It was this guy Un's' birthday. Rich and linda were there, hadn't seen them in a while. we all tried to get to the deyoung but the line was way too long so we ended meeting some of Ds coworkers at a dwindling house party. Everyone was super nice that night. Felt good to hang with some different peeps.
Sunday got up and did some more work. then over to chris's for brunch with some of his sol system friends. Sam, Sydnor, Alan, Soph, and Luis. we had bloody marys with pickled lemons... and a scramble with feta and some home fries. yumm.
then back home for a bit more work. had to coordinate some work with a team in the uk. then out to the sunset party with brent and anna-mae. very relaxing. always a great way to wind down the weekend. i wish it was more windy though. was craving some kite flying therapy. we stopped at pacific catch on chestnut on the way back. like that place.

bedtime now,
nighty night.


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