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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Battlefield 2 Nations site

This is the site that i've been busting my ass to get together over the past couple months.
It's a website for battlefield 2 modern combat. probably EA's biggest non-sports online console game.
Xbox live players can track all of their gameplay data, such as how many bullets they shot, how many grenades they threw, how many kills they had when they played against another clan of players. They can even replay their games to see how their opponents play the game so they can create strategies on how to beat them in the future. The gaming communities eating it up. The site tracks the rankings of all the users, so that you know where you stack up relative to other players.

Battlefield 2 nations site

If I played the game, i'd probably be pretty into this. i imagine lots of people are.
No time for game playing these days though. i'm hooked on tivo.


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