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Friday, May 06, 2005

Coachella 2005 pt 2

so where was i?...

yes, so after the mental recap of my lost belongnings, the stress that goes hand in h and with being robbed started to die down. we headed our way towards the exit as i scanned the lawn for my green backpack. halfway there i was hit with another "FAAAAAWK" when i realized that my 2nd day pass to the festival was stashed in the top flap pocket of my bag.

"FAAAWWWWK" once again. not only was i out on my precious belongings, but i was also out on my 80 dollar entrance to tomorrows festivities. ok, think, think, think ,,, how the fuck are you going to get back in tomorrow? how are you going to convince ticketmaster to reissue a ticket that you've alredy claimed as lost and that has already been reissued less than 24 hours ago?

Ok, too tired to finish this chapter... after a night of boozin' i'm going to have to wait until tomorrow to finish this story.



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