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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

coachella 2005

Got back last night from a fantastic trip to the coachella music festival down in indio. Ish, Chris, Brent, Julia and myself braved the beautiful 85 degree sunny weather to hear some of today's hottest up and coming rock bands along with some old school bands that somehow have managed to keep rockin even till now.
Hilites included chemical bros, M.i.a., the faint, the arcade fire. Also managed to hear miss kittin, sage francis, blackstar, and a bunch of others.

peep my coachella pics on my flickr site here.

lottsa crazy stories from the weekend...

Crazy story #1: my poor lost back pack
So ish, chris and i left friday after a morning's worth of work. I took the extra 5 minutes ontop of the usual 15 minute pack job to make sure I brought everything needed for our weekend adventure. 1 extra pair of socks, check, one extra pair of unmentionables, check, one pair of shorts, 1 hoody, 2 longsleeves, toiletries, shades, party favors, check, check, check.

the next morning as we were preparing to leave brent's parent's place in san marino, b half-joking asks, "everyone got your tickets?"
"FAAAAAWWWWWWWK!!!" I dropped to the ground into a helpless heap of humiliation. 360 miles away from my tickets that were pinned to my bulletin board that I had failed to check before I left.... boo
Shannon said I should call ticketmaster to try and get new tickets issued. Yeah right, i thought, like those effin nazis are gonne cut me a break. surprisingly enough, they did and minutes later we were on our way to palm springs headed towards a rendezvous with my reissued tix at willcall. sweet.

so that's enough back story on this one.
saturday night after rockin my ass off to the chem bros, i started lookin for chris whom I had given my bag to to look after for a while. i was wearin it for most of the day and since half the bag was full of his shit, it was only fair to do a mid-evening trade. so i see brent, julia and ish after the crowd starts thinning and say, 'you guys seen chris?' ... nope.. i wait around for a few and see chris walk through the crowd towards us. i notice that his shoulders seem a little bear... for some reason they don't seem to be covered by my backpack straps... hmm...

'hey chris, where's my backpack?'

'ummm, brent's got it'

'no dude, you had it'

'oh,,, shit'


'let's check next to the fence outside'...

need i continue?
so after looking around for a bit we realized my bag was long gone. i took a mental recap of the contents and decided not to trip. i had my phone and wallet on me, so i wasn't totally screwed. the only things that were in there were: my pingpong boy t-shirt, my laundry hoody (both of which i love), my phone charger, my earplugs, my earbud headset,,, and my Valentino and gucci sunglasses! (ouch!). All of which were replacable. some motherfucker out there is going to be stylin tho... bastardo.

it's gettin late... i'll try to finish the rest of the story tomorrow.
stay tuned


  • At 11:10 AM , Blogger Sophia said...

    Can't wait! Tell us about M.I.A.!

  • At 12:24 AM , Blogger sfXian said...

    I am in love with M.I.A.
    Something about the way her lyrics bounced off my cochlea, through my auditory nerves and into my brain triggered a newfound fandom that i have yet to experience since the first time I heard N.W.A. comin straight outta compton.
    Her voice brings a fresh and raw energy to the cookie cutter female mc landscape.


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