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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

This sunday night in SF (3/20/05)

We suck donkey dick.
We don't have an official name for our party yet. It's just so darn difficult to put a single generic label on a party that we overheard one of our guests describe as, "an experience that brings you as close to attaining nirvana as one can possibly imagine". I mean, we _could_ call it nirvana or enlightenment or something like that,,, but that would be soo lame now wouldn't it? Not to mention pretentious.

So we, the representatives of the tentatively named 'CLUB ANONYMOUS' would like to invite you to come on down this sunday night to club 222 (in the tenderly fabulous loin) to give us your bestest, contest-winning recommendations. We'll make it worth your while by offering an official grand jury selected prize to the winner!* (see below for more).

Here's more details...

ie. NO COVER!!
anonymous music, anonymous people, anonymous libations, specific location.
- Located@222 Club [222 Hyde@Turk)]
- from 6-10PM
with sangria specials! and great freshbaked pizzas!

- hosted by your favorite dj saviorselectas...
victoriano dixon (aka vijay d)
bobbito hathaway (aka brent h)
constantine richardson (aka christian r) &
alejandro wilson (aka amit w)

- With super-special-BIRTHDAY guest stars...
Dirty Ole Man Hastings (aka Chris) avec
Birthday Princess Warrior Brebach (aka Rachel)

Hope to see you there!

Yours truly,
Monsieur. Richardson

If you honestly have no clue know how you got onto our list and want off, you can pursue one of the following 4 options...
1) reply to this mail with 'WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS?!' in the subject line, and we'll gladly remove you from all future correspondence.
2) create a filter in your email client that automagically sends mails from '74styles' to the trash
3) change your email address and finally signup for that gmail account you've been sweating for a while. we all did it and now we never get random e-vites!
4) write your congressman about the bad spam people who just won't stop!

Sometime before the end of april, we'll pick the best suggested name (by a 4 person blind and drunken vote), and the unfortunate winner will get a sunday night of drinks on the house for theirself and a significant other of their choosing!


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