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Monday, January 09, 2006

Iron Chef party

Finally had the iron chef party i've been trying to put together this saturday.
here's a link to my flickr set on it -> link to pics.
the main ingredient was mushrooms.
i came up with the following.
started with a deep fried potsticker/dumpling stuffed with shiitake/scallops/leeks and dressed with sesame/ginger/soy sauce.
for seconds, made a fresh basil pasta dough for ravioli, stuffed with portobello and japanese sweet potato and topped with tomato/cream/vodka sauce.
the main was porcini mushroom risotto topped with slices of roasted duck breast and drizzled with a balsamic/casbernet/fig reduction sauce.
amit was my right hand man through the day. felt so bad for the guy, i woke him up at 11 to help me out and he was still puking from the night before.
in the end it was pretty neck and neck, we won the night by only a 2 point spread.


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