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Sunday, June 12, 2005

crazy dreams

had some weird dreams last night.
spent half of the night getting lost on some dark streets driving in my beetle. took wrong turn after turn until finally i gave up and parked the car and wandered around a strange woody, hilly neighborhood. ran into a group of people that had just finished the first morning half of a power-up management training class. tom dewire was among the group, we chatted about some emails i had sent the other night asking him for help and said that he wasn't sure he could help me or how he could help. i didn't remember sending him the email in the first place. we both srugged it off with a 'whatever'. julie weinstein was part of the group too. as were a few other people i recognized. i wasn't wearing any shoes and the path was grassy and muddy. something small and dark hit my bare foot as we climbed and i stumbled and fell face first into a muddy clump of dirt. it felt like a whole cup of dirt was poured into my mouth and down my throat. i hacked and spat but couldn't get it out. every time i did, it regenerated. great. now everyone on campus will know me as the 'dirty mud mouth dude'. "Can someone give me some water please? so i can rinse this out" someone handed me a water bottle. then i woke up.


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