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Monday, May 23, 2005

house hunting

after several weekends house hunting in sf, i think i'm ready to start getting serious about it. gotta start with my finances. get myself pre-approved for some loans then get my ass out there lookin at some more homes. fortunately, my parents said they could help me out with my down, but i still have plenty i need to come up with. hopefully, within the next couple months, my stock will come up so that i can cash in. i was doing well about a month ago before it all came crashing down. shoulda sold when i had the chance. i'll give it another couple months though. i'm pretty sure it'll come back up again. if it comes back up to 60, i'll sell em all and use it for my down.

one of the variables i need to eliminate to simplify the process is the vagueness around the TIC option with D&D. I really need to sit down with them and see what they're looking for and when they'll be ready to buy. i've seen several 2 unit tic's that i'd be interested in moving forward with, but it's all moot unless dnd actually get to see it too.

another variable is my credit history. did an online fico report and scored average. at 725. my car loan from b of a really screwed me. my payments were set to auto-deduct from my checking on a monthly basis, but for some reason the final payment did not go through automatically. so for almost a year after i had thought my car was completely paid off, it was actually still open. b of a marked my credit history with 30/60/90 day delinquencies and sent a collections agency after me. unfortunately i had moved home addresses and none of the correspondence had found me. eventually all this caught up to me and i called bofa to plead my case and clear my record. they said that they would. but i don't think they actually ever did. now i have a pretty nasty blemish on my history and i'm anticipating a bitch of a time getting it back to a clean state. will have to clear that up before applying for any loans.


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