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Sunday, May 15, 2005

bay to breakers broke me

got up at 7 and got ready. headed over to chris's, then over to the j church line. grabbed coffee and a crepe on the way. took 71 up haight and to baker. met up with Rob, Allie, Sarah, Mark Lee and Sai. two kegs and a team of friends. ran into kenna, alex, rachel, joe and a few others through the course of the day.

when we got to the park a large gathering, maybe 100 or so had formed around a couple who were wrestling. i was packing my yellow mexican wrestler mask and thought to myself, "i have to step into the ring". the match ended with a 3 count pin. Someone with a bullhorn started yelling into the crowd. I heard, "who wants to step into the ring". So I stepped in and put my mask on and ran straight for him, pushing him into the crowd. Next he starts calling for the "hulkster" to come in. Some scrawny dude in a torn t shirt starts waving his arms around. I run up and start pushing him around. I think they were getting pretty annoyed at this point. i kept at it, pushing and shoving until the crowd gets into it. guy on the bullhorn calls out for the 2nd wrestler, "the proctologist". he's some dude in a costume with a bunch of blown up latex gloves taped to himself. apparently, this was a set match that i had busted into. the hulk was supposed to go toe-to-toe with the proctologist, but with my breaking into their plans, and getting the crowd behind me, one of them was forced to fight me. hulk wussed out and it was me facing the proctologist. guy on the bullhorn labels me as "random dude".

"And it's random dude vs. the proctologist!" is the last thing i hear. the round starts and i'm all over this guy. pushing him around trying to throw him into the crowd. then i go for the legs and we tussle around for a good minute or two. we''re both on the ground and before i realize what's happening i feel a tickling sensation in my butt. this guy's trying to get medical on my ass. hence the name. before he manages to get his first knuckle in, i flip him over on his back and drop a couple elbows into his helmet. it was all over pretty quick.

I get back up, dust myself off and run over to my fans.
the rest of the day was pretty fun. we ended up at the beach with 2 empty kegs and some seriously inebriated teammates.

oh, one other pretty funny story. so this guy was standing in front of his friends with his pants down. his back was to me. some inner-child urge got the best of me. i ran up and grabbed a hold of his boxers and in one quick jerk brought them straight down to his ankles. it was pretty funny. as i walked away i turned back to see him standing in shock with his friends pointing and laughing at him. made sure my pantstrings were tied up tight before moving on.


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